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<span class="">Why does the U.S. do not notice that 70 countries have criminalized homosexuality , do not notice that on the 7 has the death penalty for this , among which S. Arabia (their closest ally in the Middle East ), but notice a law banning gay propaganda in Russia?
Why does the U.S. not to notice the fact that drug trafficking from Afghanistan since 2000 ( ie from the time when NATO has occupied the country ) increased by 10 times ?
Why does the U.S. pay and pay attention to the " nuclear threat " of Iran , they forget that Israel has nuclear weapons , but a member of the so-called "nuclear club" is not a Jewish state ?
Why the United States speaks of the right to independence of Kosovo , and about Scotland, Catalonia , South Ossetia and Abkhazia forgets ?
Why the EU and the United States say that you can not use force to " peaceful demonstrators " and their police thus, can safely shoot a passerby ?
Why , according to the United States , the death penalty - is tyranny , and in the U.S. , where it is democracy ?
Why does the U.S. not to notice that the UK wants to leave the EU , but persistently makes Ukraine to sign Association ?
Why Gaddafi , Assad , Lukashenko , Putin and Yanukovych already - tyrants , and Bush and Obama (one 3 war unleashed their other CONT'D) - no?
The answer is simple - because the U.S. and Britain - it is profitable . That's it. No other arguments can not be.
They have more information, financial and even military resources. But it is yet . I think the fact that the balance of power is changing in our direction - obviously.
That is why they are barking , and behave that way. In the entire history of Russia "good" for them were only Yeltsin and Gorbachev .
Recall that at the criticism received from enemies , Stalin said .
" IF we were scolded by our enemies - so we do everything right! "</span>


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cricketumpire Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
"A monument which shall last..." was complemented by a poem by Allana-san which deserves a wider exposure on dA. It fits the image perfectly   :typerblank:    
            My day comes, I shall remain here,
            Becoming one with the earth once again.
            I'll disapear from your eyes, but I swear:
            Never from your memories...

Thank you very much for the fave Voldemar   Favourite Star   Please do keep on watching???
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